Our Family Business

My Grandfather George Mazur started Mazur Nursery in Lawrencville, NJ in 1932 with his brother Leon Mazur. My Mom joined the nursery when she graduated from Ambler College with a degree in horticulture. Dad and Mom bought the nursery from my grandfather in 1975 and ran it together for many years. Growing up some of my fondest memories are my brother Steve and I running around and helping mom and dad out. I love this place so much I raised all three of my children here! I wanted to share with them, the family business and my love for plants. I had been running the flower shop Perna's since I had graduated Rider College for about 25 years, however, I still worked at the nursery helping my parents out. Mom passed in December of 2016, and my Dad has just recently passed this year. Now following in the footsteps of generations before my son Michael helps me run the nursery, becoming one of the fourth generations of Mazur's to run the family business. It has truly and still is a labor of love, my husband, my daughters and even there boyfriends help out. Come down and see just why we love what we do so much!  Or visit my flower shop at pernasflowers.com.